Status Report Templates

Status Report Template

Status Report not only helps to keep the record precise and handy but also give you an overview of all the matter going on finally enabling you to make better future planning and decisions. Like (Project status Report). A Weekly Status Report informs its reader about the sequence of events, data collected, targets achieved or any other information on a weekly basis. The Weekly Status Report can pertain to various entities- a mechanical device like pump or compressors, any ongoing project, an operating plant with various parameters in the report, sales of a product or service, and the list never ends. But a Weekly Status Report mostly pertains to an ongoing project. Any Weekly Status Report can have myriads of data /information about the project. Before stuffing that PowerPoint page with intricate details of the weekly happenings on this project, one must understand what the audience’s demand is. If the sponsors of the project want to see a presentation on weekly status, then they might only be interested in the percentage progress made this week and budget sufficiency/insufficiency predictions. If the manager of the project wants to see the Weekly Status Report, he/she would like to get into some details of individual works taken up in the project. The report must be in that case sectioned team-wise. For example, in an Engineering project, a Weekly Status Report might differentiate works in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Departments. We have created a general and easy-to-use report template for Status Report (Daily Status Report). It is created in MS Word it is basic and can accommodate any extra information that you may need. With proper guidelines anyone with little or no knowledge of MS Word can use and make a professional report with this template. You can download the free report template from the link given below and customize it according to your procedures.

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